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Why use Cloud Accounting Software?

Bookkeeping tends to sit fairly low on the list of priorities when it comes to new businesses and start-ups. Many businesses scrabble around when that first customer needs to be invoiced, and end up piecing something together as a PDF. In the early days, it’s common to see your bookkeeping as a job to get to grips with once a year when tax return time looms.

Using a spreadsheet is one potential option to keep track of your finances and is a cheap option; however this is only suitable for new business when finances are relatively simple.

As your business grows and becomes more established; spreadsheets will soon become unreliable and more time consuming, taking you away from the processes and tasks that will bring in more clients and more revenue.

So what are your options?

Cloud Accounting Software like Xero is a fantastic and useful tool to help businesses keep an accurate record of all their finances as the business grows. Xero is very user-friendly and is incredibly versatile. Whether your office is your living room, a dedicated office space, or your local coffee shop, Xero really is the right fit for everyone.

Why use software such as Xero?

Xero is ‘on the cloud’. This means that you can access it wherever you are, provided you can access the internet. Even better, if you are a client of CJR, we can also access it at the same time if you need any help or advice on anything!

Xero has direct Bank feed information by connecting online banking to Xero. This links each individual bank transaction into Xero saving time on inputting and is much more accurate.

With the Xero App, you can have access to your finance and important information no matter where you are! Having access wherever you are, either on your phone or tablet, gives you the ability to raise and send invoices instantly.

Xero also helps reduce the need to keep all those paper invoices! You can email/scan purchase invoices into the Xero software and can be attached electronically onto the entry you

Xero bank reconciliation is designed to make your life so much easier and save you so much time. By setting up ‘bank rules’ within the software, Xero will automatically allocate items to the correct analysis code.

You can automate the sending of statements and set up recurring invoices to really keep on top of money that is owed to you. Invoices and statements can easily be sent by email – reducing the time and cost of postage!

These are only some of the amazing features that Xero has to offer individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Here at CJR Accountants in Grantham, we are a Xero Certified Advisor practice and have been using Xero daily for a number of years so we know first hand how this software can help change your business for the better.

Get in touch now on 07827328064 or email to see how we can help you maximise Xero.



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